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The USA, home to Hollywood, is one state that attracts tourists from every part of the world. The country is famous for its high spirit life, never-ending rush, and nightlife that is nowhere to be found, but these are not the only things you can experience there and what most of the people portray and assume it to be. The United States of America does boast of such a lifestyle, but as a country, it also has places where life is different and peaceful. There are states and cities which portray exactly the adverse picture of cities like New York and Manhattan, and for that, you need to explore them. Utah, a state falling into the western part of America is something which is far from the chaotic life of some most popular cities. Here, you can surrender to the natural wonders and you can easily avail Utah lodge rentals.

“Monument Valley,” as the state is called is closer to the natural beauty and recently has been rising to popularity amongst tourists. With 43 state parks, 5 national parks, and vast area of natural beauty, Utah is one different state breathing in the territory of USA. Perhaps, the best snow mountain in the world and breathtaking natural landscapes surrounding every inch of the state is something hard to find in a country like the USA, but yes, you can find such mesmerizing beauty in Utah. Other than this, you can also experience a lot of great things there, from adventurous sports to world-class shopping. The list of things to do will be endless, so we are sharing some of the things that are must to experience while in Utah.

  • Natural History Museum of Utah

One of the must things to do in Utah has to be a visit to the Natural History Museum of Utah. The museum houses over 1.5 million artifacts. There are several sections in the museum for the better understanding of the things kept there. For example, the paleontology section focussed on the Intermountain West. The anthropology is entirely dedicated to the specimen dating back to the 11,500 BC. The vertebrate zoology section has kept samples of birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibian. The botany section is dedicated to the frozen swatches that were used for the DNA research and so on. Apart from the artifacts kept, you can also be a part of the recreational and educational program that is organized for all age groups to understand the things better.

  • Hill Aerospace Museum

Another museum in Utah that is a must to explore is Hill Aerospace Museum which follows a unique layout and is made in the shape of an aircraft. The layout itself shows the motive of the museum and has objects that were used by the U.S. Air force. There are over 4,000 historical objects that kept from the five eras, but one can only see 20% of the items that are on display. Most of the artifacts have artwork which is housed in the Lindquist Art Gallery. Apart from seeing things, you can also be a part of talk lecture series that is organized by the museum where speakers discuss defense and airplane related topics.

  • Utah Symphony

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This is something different than the rest of the experience or things you might indulge in where you are touring across Utah. Utah Symphony is a major globally renowned American symphony and presents an integral part of the cultural landscapes of west America. The symphony offers and supports educational programs and conducts tours covering the entire region and it promotes arts, precisely music. The performances are done at Abravanel Hall, and there are also summer concerts organized at Park City’s Deer Valley Music Festival. The records of the symphony have been nominated for the Grammy Awards many times. Before you visit the place and be a part of their shows, make sure to check timings, places, and other essential information.

  • Monument Valley Safari

Visiting a place that is mainly known for offering a lot of adventurous sports and not being a part of any is not so done. Amongst all the adventure sports being offered here, Monument Valley Safari is the most famous. It can take up to 1.5 hours to 7 hours depending on the different sections of the valley. Both Mystery Valley and Monument Valley safaris offer scenic views. There are different tours available depending on the location. You can take all the info from the tour operator.

  • Utah Field House of Natural History State Park

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No one visiting Utah should miss on this place as it offers the unique and distinctive feature of Utah. The Utah Filed House offers exhibits and activities that are related to the prehistoric times with the help of geological objects. The current exhibits taking place in the park includes the Journey featuring a 90-foot diplodocus skeleton and Unita fossil journey. There are a Morrison Dig Site and fossil lab where visitors can get certain if an article or item is a debris or a fossil. There is a Jurassic Hall which displays three skeletons dating back to 145 million years ago. There are other sections too and each of them is equally interesting which you would not like to miss.

So, these are a few things that you must experience while travelling in Utah. All these places hold importance in the establishment of the state Utah and America as well.

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