List of Netflix Best Original Series



Netflix revolutionized the era of television. In combination with technology, the
future of television entertainment marked by the first Netflix product. The scope of
digitization span across to accommodate advancement and diversity. To make the
lives of the people easier and also to take the fashion of television entertainment
convention to the next level, Netflix augmented its magic for the first time in 2013.
The brand happened to successfully enchant the first original television series called
as House of Cards, produced by David Fincher. Going forward, Netflix added many
more optimistic feathers to its cap and proved its capability of providing an all
rounded versatility. Be it horror, comedy, drama, spiritual or glamour, Netflix has its
wise part in offering it to you diligently. Ever since its first success, Netflix evolved
continuously to add more number of series to its history. Here is the list of such best
original Netflix series. Read on!
 Narcos
Narcos is known for the level and quality of fascination it created upon the world. It
is the television series featuring the bad men on electronic entertainment. The
outstanding television series is the Netflix’s pick to deliver its brilliance to the entire
world. The show through Netflix, enraged the audiences last summer and the impact
 Bojack Horseman
Amidst the publicity and acceptance the show Bojack Horseman received, the
animated BoJack Horseman was specially made sand released for the public. Though
it is animated, the show is oriented towards public. Last summer, the animated
version of the show happened to featured the Netflix diverged original series. The
animated characters fetch their voices from Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul,
Paul F. Tompkins, Kristen Schaal, Patton Oswalt and others.
 House of Cards
Netflix has not only sheltered House of Cards, season 1 but all the 3 seasons
consequently. Netflix started its journey by delivering House of Cards season 1 to its
audiences and created a strong place in the television and entertainment industry.
Even after 3 such wonderful features of the show, there is a similar rise in the level
of excitement shown by the audiences.
 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) holds the pride of originally developing the
show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The show revolves around four women caged
underground in the name of religion and circumstances, for about 15 long solid
years. The show has created a sensation in the era of comedy and drama. The series
has given the audiences, a privilege to witness a stream of guest stars.
 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
Netflix adds another series to its profile as a prequel show. After all the efforts put
15 years ago, the same star cast who worked on the entire movie originally, form

their characters from 2001. and that is the show Wet Hot American Summer: First
Day of Camp. The show is prodigious and a miniature of a miracle.
 Bloodline
Todd A. Kessler ,  Glenn Kessler , and  Daniel Zelman created Bloodline which was
produced by Sony Pictures Television. Netflix holds the privilege of sharing with the
audience, the complete show premiers. Took us all through a nail-biting drama
which is a thriller. The suspense, strange and unpredictable screen play would
further add to the movie and its effects.
 Orange is the New Black
The series bear an interesting title and in terms of color and film. The drama lives up
to the meaning of title, which replaces the jet black authentic shade with the ting of
healthy ripe and rich orange color. The drama belongs to the category called as
comedy and stands remarkable. The story line is an ultimate family entertainer
which connects us to special moments and recreates all that has to be cherished.
 Master of None
Master of None is a pure full-fledged comedy hungama. The audiences laugh all their
heart out when they are touched by the emotions that the show has to convey.
Amidst the fun elements and story line, the series is a huge carrier of stars and the
drama serves as a vehicle of stardom connecting people to the kingdom of fun.
Ansari holds a trending and catchy style sof humor which is well depicted by Master
of None.
 Marvel’s Daredevil
Daredevil expanded Marvel’s height in terms of his bright filmy career. The show was
in a way, a reason for him to create a unique status for himself. As a result of his
work in the show, Marvel was then a street level hero, which the world started
recognizing. Alongside delivering comic instances and characters, the show also
featured the biggest of the action elements in the show. The how remains special to
the cast and team along with the viewers as the team succeeded in bringing the
imagination to life dynamically.
 Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is yet another mater piece by Marvel, which stands as the one done out
of extreme passion. The show is considered to be the one which involved the most
risk among all of what Marvel has undertaken so far. The venture belongs to comedy
and none in the series had something to do with previously built fame or history. The
show added dignity to itself and a sense of pleasure in the minds of the audiences.
The mesmerizing performance offered by Krysten Ritter, drives the audiences
towards witnessing the realistic and human essence of heroism.
Netflix is the revolutionary of the entertainment and television industries, to its
entirety. Ever since 2013, the brand has been addressing the audiences widely with
its exciting electronic entertainment through premier and wholesome television
series. This was about the best original Netflix series. There are more to come from

the golden brand of entertainment. The successful organization is prone to
innovations and surprising its users. The level of digitization is sure to keep the trend
continuing and keep the audiences and television lovers.

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